Sadie's Thoughts

This is my blog. It's for when Momma is away from the compooter, which seems like never. I have lots of adventures and I'll tell you about them when no hoomans are around.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Puppy Spa

Momma mades me an appointment at the puppy spa today. We were late because Auntie Jen was running behind. When we gots there, I wanted to go with Momma, but then Momma said it was the puppy spa, so I wents with the nice lady. I tried to convince them to leave my nose collar there, but Momma noticed and they went and gots it. Darn. I thought I was rid of it.

I'm now all white and pretty again. Momma says I was icky. I don't know the difference. Time to go outside and roll in the dirt!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today's my Berfday!!!!

Today is my berfday! I am 4 years old today. I even gots a card in the mail for me! It's from the puppy store and I gets to go there today and pick out my very own toy! And then I get a cheeseyburger, Momma says. I can't wait. But Momma has to go to Church first so that means I have to go in my Crate.

I went for a long walk yesterday. I did okay, Momma says. But there were other doggies that I wanted to play with and they woofed at me. And then there was this thing shooting something out of it all over the grass and the sidewalk. I didn't know what it was. Momma says it was a sprinkler and it was just water, but I don't believe her. It's some kinda stoopid automatic bath thing, I know it!

Oh, Everypup, you need to tell your hoomans this: There are pups DYING because of their foods. And the people who makes the foods don't know why! The list is very long of the foods that are contaminated. It's a lot of foods that I USED to eat, but I don't anymores. Foods like Ol' Roy, Eukanuba, and Nutro Max. Momma buys me Blue Buffalo. I like it lots. So Everypup, go check your foods. If it has any of those lables on it that's on that webpage, go throw it away. Be careful, your hoomans may not know yet so they may think you are just hungry. But DON'T EAT IT!

As I promised, here's a picture of the simmin pool when it frozed over. Yep, that's the Momma's simmin pool when it was SOOOO cold I had an ice rink in my yard. Yes, the desert does get cold. And it gets REALLY hot in the summer. But we didn't get any snow, though the weatherman said we could've.

Barking of weather, it's been hot here. Not like Summer Hot, but just hotter than normal for this time of year. Momma says it's almost hot enough to get my simmin pool out and filled. I wouldn't mind. As long as it doesn't frozed over like her's!

Okay, so that is all I want to say. Expect more pictures later when I go to the puppy store. Momma says she's gonna bring the camera so I can takes pictures of my trip. Hopefully there are pups there to talk to about the foods. I think the puppy store would know about it. Probably my foods is gonna be the ONLY foods you can buy! Lukcy me!