Sadie's Thoughts

This is my blog. It's for when Momma is away from the compooter, which seems like never. I have lots of adventures and I'll tell you about them when no hoomans are around.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My trip to ARIZONA!

Okay, so some dogs have asked about how I got to ARIZONA. And since Meeshka posted during her blog-a-thon I guess it's time I talk about my trip.

Momma and I had just moved down to the desert. I used to live in an olive orchard with a BIG yard. I had so much fun in that BIG yard. Then we moved and Momma was gone every day for long times. So sometimes I would get so that I missed her and I would escape from the yard. Well, one time, I escaped and after a week of pretty much being on my own and looking for Momma, I cane across this lady with a beagle-dog. She thought I was lame. (I'm not. I just waddle when I walk because I have narrow hips.) So she asked the peoples about me and they said I was a stray because I didn't have no collar on. Well, she gave me some water and some foods and then when she went to get in her car, I tried to get in too to go bye-bye! Well, she thought that I must belong to someone, so she put me in the car and we drove and drove and drove...all the way to ARIZONA!

Then she called the Doggie Jail wheres I live and talked to the peoples there. They said Momma was looking for me. So then she called Momma. Momma wasn't home though. So when Momma called back, Momma told the hooman man there that my name was Sadie and when he said that, I looked at him. I eventually came over to him and he wanted to look at my tummy. See, Momma only told the Doggie Jail that I had a tattoo so that in cased I ever gots lost she would have someway to tell it was me. So the hooman man talked to Momma more and then a couple days later they took me to the doctor. He scanned me and the scanner said I belonged to Momma. So I got to get in the car and go bye-bye again with the lady. When we stopped at the cheesyburger place, I looked up and there was Momma and Daddy! I was so happy to be back with them that I gives them lots and lots of kisses.

While I was in ARIZONA, I did get to play with lots of other dogs, including another lab. We went swimmin and wrasled. It was fun, but I really did miss my Momma. I'm so glad to be back home with her and Daddy. I gets to sleep on the bed and I get my foods when I should. And now I know that no matter what, Momma will ALWAYS come home to me. She just has to go out and work so I can have my foods and cookies. She says I might even get to go out and see her work this year, but I don't know yet. All I know is that Momma says she has to go back to work soon and she's already started leaving me home alone again for a while. But I'll have Daddy around most of the time, except for when he's at work too.

So that's how I ended up in ARIZONA.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sleepy Time

Momma always seems to get pictures of me sleeping so I figured I would post the pictures of me sleeping before I go Sleepy Time.

This is me sleeping in the chair.
Sadie sleeping in the chair
This is me sleeping with a blankie on me.
Sadie covered and sleeping
This is me sleeping on the bed with Daddy.
Sadie sleeping with Daddy
No pictures please, I'm sleeping!
Sadie with a jacket on her face
This is me sleeping on one of Momma's books. Be glad I wasn't reading it, Momma!
Sadie sleeping on a book
This is me sleeping on the couch. See, I'm doing the head thing again!
Sadie sleeping on the couch
Here I am sleeping on Duckie so he doesn't get away!
Sadie sleeping on her Duckie

Okay, so now I'm going Sleepy Time and I probably will sleep through the rest of Meeshka's blog-a-thon because I'm a tired girl and I need my beauty sleep. Night all! Try and keep Meeshka awake!

Mousy in the House

Sadie looking for a number in the phonebookLast night, Momma was sitting at the table playing with all those kids books that I really want to read. Daddy was sitting outside reading another book and I was going from inside to out because Daddy left the door open. Then Momma squeeled something about Scabbers. See, Scabbers is this mousy we have in the house that we thought was gone. Anyway, Momma said he was on the stove because Daddy left his crackers out. Daddy told me to get the mousey so I put my paws on the counter to see him. Sure enough, there was the mousy trying to take a cracker back to his hidey spot. And the cracker was like twice the size of the mousy. But I couldn't reach the mousy because he was way back in the corner. And besides, what do I look like? A Kitty? Anyway, Daddy says he's "cleaninghouse" today and since they now know where mousy lives, Momma can put traps down to get him. Hopefully they don't put any traps where I can get my nose stuck on them! Maybe I'll go look in the phonebook under mousy-get-ridders. I know I'll find a picture of a Kitty!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sadie playing tug-o-warSo this is me playing tug-o-war with Daddy. He had put my ball in my sock so I started pulling on it. Isn't it cute? I look mean, don't I? DustyDoodles is out of OtterPops. His Momma won't get him any until Saturday and that's a long time in Dog Time. I don't get OtterPops. I had Doggie IceCream once. It was good. I liked it, but Momma says it's spensive so I can't have it that often. I wish I could have it now. It's hots.

Sadie sleeping on the bedThis is me sleeping on the bed. Momma got the picture. She says I sleep with my head hanging off the bed. I guess this is proof now. I was sleeping with Daddy because Daddy was up all night and it was my nap time. Well, actually it's closer to DinnerTime, but I'll sleep when I can. I do need my beauty sleep. Momma says I'm a sleepy girl, but Daddy seems to sleep more than I do. And any chance I get to sleeps on the bed, I will. It's so hard with Momma AND Daddy in bed. Sometimes I get to sleep on the bed with them, like last night, but usually Daddy wakes up grumpy if I snuggle him at night. He doesn't mind it so much during the day with Momma not sleeping there.

Dogster and Babies

Hey, us Labs are the featured dog of the week on Dogster! There are 8,312 of us purebed Labs. Probably a whole lot more half-breeds too. If you don't have a Dogster page, you better make one. And while you're at it, check out the Lab stroll and look at all us cute Labradors! I'm still the cutest one though, except for maybe the babies. They're pretty gosh darned cute.

Speaking of babies, Momma says we might get a baby when we get a bigger yard. Right now my yard is really small. I'm the only dog that could live in it. But someday when I'm older, Momma says we'll get a baby. She says now we should get a chocolate baby. I hope she doesn't mean the chocolate that makes me stoopid. I think she means the chocolate like Ranger is chocolate. He's a cute baby. I would sure like to play with him. Too bad he lives far away otherwise we could be puppy-buddies. I like babies. Momma always tells me to be nice to the babies and I am. But I wanna play too. And I hafta share my toys too. That's no fun, especially if they take Moose.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ball in a Sock...

Daddy came home yesterday. He was gone for a little while. Today, I was carrying around my sock and Momma founded a ball under the bed. So I chased that. When I finally stopped playing, I was laying down so Daddy could see me with my foots on top of my sock and my ball right next to it. So Daddy took my ball and put it IN MY SOCK! I didn't know what to do with that. It was kinda scary at first, Daddy swinging my sock around, then he threw it and my sock BOUNCED! Socks aren't supposed to bounce. So now I was really confused. Then I figured it out. Daddy had put my ball in my sock and that's why it bounced. So I grabbed my sock from Daddy and played tug-o-war with him. It was a whole lot easier with the ball in the sock. I actually had something to put my teethies around. Then Daddy and Momma went out and I had to go in my crate for a little while, but they let me take my sock with my ball in it. I still haven't figured out how to get the ball out of the sock, but I will soon enough. Right now it's nap time. Daddy's sleepy, so I'll go sleep with him.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sponsor Meeshka!

Okay, so I got Momma to sponsor Meeshka for $10. It's like a month worth of foods for me, but it's better than nothing. Momma put my name as the name on the website, so it says that I am sponsoring her, except that Momma is the one with the money so she has to pay it. It's pretty boring around here right now. There's nothing to do. So I'm going back to sleep, unless Momma is going to go exploring in the Garage again, I might follow her.

Dogs with Blogs

Dogs with Blogs Logo
I'm on Dogs with Blogs! I'm all the way down the bottom, but I'm there! So go there now. And there are lots of other dogs with blogs too! Lots of Huskies, but they are usually destructo-dogs. I don't destroy much of anything. I still have my Moose. I've only de-fluffed a couple of stuffies. My favorite activity right now is counter surfing and stealing things of Momma's. But she usually catches me.

Morning Soccer

So Momma got up this morning at 3am to go pottys and I went and gots some waters. Momma came out to check on me and then told me it was time to go back to bed. Well, my soccer ball was laying in the middle of the kitchen, so I attacked it. Momma headed to the bedroom. Well, I wanted her to play with me, so I nosed the soccer ball into her feets. She just told me it was time to go to bed. So I went back to bed and snuggled her for a little bit. Then I woke her up at 7 this morning because I was hungry. Momma says we might go check out the Doggie Spa here in town tomorrow. She thinks they're only open a couple days a week. So that might be fun.

Daddy went home to see his parents. He says it's hot there and he might come home early. Momma's been in the garage lately, so I been exploring in there. It's REALLY hot in there. I don't know how Momma handles going in there. It's too hot for me. And on top of that, the swimmin pool is closed down. Not my swimmin pool, but the one for Momma. She says the county peoples closed it down. I like the county peoples. They're nice. Even in Doggie Jail they're nice to me. But I guess Momma has to go pay my registration again or I'll get put in Doggie Jail. Oh well. Time to go lay in the bathtub cuz it's nice a cool in there.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dusty's Blog

Dusty DoodlesThis is Dusty Doodles. He's a Siberian Husky. He just got a new blog, so you need to go read it! Well, there's not much up on it right now, but he's getting there. Momma had to talk to his Momma and do things for him cuz he's a Husky and he doesn't understand all this high tech stuff yet. He'll learn though, or he'll do it his own way. So I linked to him on the side. He should have stuff up soon.

Dog with a Blog

Okay, so I'm a dog with a blog. I went and put in my info on the Dogs With Blogs site. (The link is over on the side thingie.) So who knows when my blog will be listed, but I enjoy this. It's fun. I like telling about my adventures. Uh oh, sounds like the laundry is done. Guess I'd better go steal a sock or two.

No Baths for Me!

Sadie drinking bath water
I don't like baths. I like swimming though. Baths are boring. I have to stand there while peoples put stuff on my furs and rub it all over me and then they use a hose thingie and wash it off. I really don't like hoses. So I started drinking all the water that comes into the bathtub. If I drink it before it gets my toesys wet, I'll be okay.

But then I also like to steal Mommas floofy. It's fun to play with and Daddy sometimes forgets I like to steal and he leaves it in the bathtub. The floofy comes apart real easy and I can spread it ALL over the house.

And then, just to make sure they don't give me a baths, I steal the soap. Daddy has weird smelling soap. Momma sometimes brings home little soaps. I don't know where those are from. But they are still in boxes and I'll chew up the boxes too!

I like going to the Doggie Spa though. It's fun. I get a baths by peoples and they put smelly stuff on me! And I get a new danna too! I just need to go to the Spa more often. Then maybe I won't shed everywhere!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Momma come home!

Momma went away again, but she came home. I was so excited to sees her. I miss my Momma when she goes away.

When she came home, I tried to climb on her lap to give her kisses, but she pushed me away. She said she was hit by a car, so she has boo-boos. So I snuggled her last night to make her feel better. She says Auntie Jen crashed the car so I have to be careful. She's been sleeping a lot lately too. But she says that Daddy and Auntie Jen are leaving soon so it'll be just me and her for a few days. Yea! I get to spend time with the Momma.

I like people foods. Momma gave me frenchy fries last night and this morning, I wanted some of her breakfast, even though I had already eaten mine. So she let me eat off the fork. Daddy said it was yucky that she ate off the fork right after me, but what does he know? Momma says I eat off a fork good. So I may get more people foods, even though they say I'm not a peoples. But I should be! I have ears, a nose, feets, eyes and mouth. I should eat people foods. I like it. Time to go bug Auntie Jen for people foods, or go wake up the Daddy because he's supposed to be leaving soon.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Buggies in my Foods

So Momma saw that my foods bucket was getting low and she went out and got me more foods. Well, she left it in the bag and Daddy left it by the front door. Well, they went to go put my foods in my bucket last night and there were buggies crawling all over the bag! Momma and Daddy thought that maybe the buggies didn't get into the bag so they opened it. There were buggies all inside the bag! So THEY THREW AWAY MY FOODS!!!! Then I had to go back into my crate while they went out and bought me MORE foods. And this was at DINNER TIME! Well, they came home and put the foods in my bucket. The foods that didn't fit they put in the fridgerdator with the people foods! And they are closing the lid on my bucket really tight now so I can't go pop it open with my nose and have a snack. Daddy did give me a BIG dinner last night though. Momma thought I was going to be sick, but I wasn't.

Sadie sleeping after soccerMomma is supposed to go away today. I don't want her to go. But she says she has to for the kiddies. So I showed her. Daddy went out this morning and I was all happy and excited when he came home! I'm never that way for Momma. That's because she leaves me all alone with Daddy. And Daddy and I have fun. Daddy says we'll go out and play with my new soccer ball. I'm really good at soccer especially with this new ball. I can't get my teethies in it so I have to chase it all around. Daddy says I'm a good defender from Momma. I don't know what that means. I just want my ball and they are kicking it on the ground so of course I'm going to go get it. It's not like when they throw my other balls in the air and I have to jump and get 'em. Oh well.

Time to go lay on Momma's clean clothes so she doesn't forget me!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Water Dish

Momma just came home from Grandma's house and now she says she's leaving again. But I guess it's not all that bad. I'll get to stay with Daddy. He let's me drinks out of the bathtub. Hey, I gotta drinks all the water before it gets my puppy paws wet.

See, a couple of weeks ago, Momma said she was tired of filling and filling my water bowl. It's hot here, like WAY hot. Like I-don't-go-outside-unless-I-have-to hot. So I drinks a lot of water. So Momma wouldn't have to keep filing my water dish, she bought me a new one. It's supposed to keep putting water in my bowl for me so Momma doesn't have to. The only problem, is it scares me. After I drinks my water, it bubbles and it's loud. So I don't like to drink out of my new water dish.

Anyway, Momma is going out of town again. She says this time she's not going to Grandma's house. She says she's going away with Auntie Jen for that job stuff she has to do. She does say that Auntie Jen is coming home today. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

See, Auntie Jen won't let me in the kitchen when she's cooking. I mean, how else am I supposed to look cute and get people foods? And she doesn't like it when I sit near her when she has foods. She thinks I'm begging or something. She shouldn't go to Grandma's house then! Those Hooskies put their heads on the table and beg! And then, I peed in her room way back when we first got here to the desert, which was like a year ago. I had to mark my territory. I thought I could go everywheres in the house. I could at the old house. But she didn't like that too much and neither did Momma. But now Auntie Jen says it STILL smells in her room. I don't think so. There's no way it could still smell in her room. She used like a whole bottle of the anti-stink stuff that Momma bought and Momma's been in there with the other anti-stink stuff spraying it to see if that helps. I think Auntie Jen has a nose like a dog, probably like one of those bloodhound dogs. She could probably smell coon's a mile away and follow a trail too.

Okay, that's enough for now. I think Daddy wants the compooter today. He and Momma been yelling alot about him and his working thing. And boy, sometimes it's hard to sneak onto the compooter. Time to go wake the Daddy up!