Sadie's Thoughts

This is my blog. It's for when Momma is away from the compooter, which seems like never. I have lots of adventures and I'll tell you about them when no hoomans are around.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, I have been staying my yard like a Good Girl. It's so fun when Momma comes home. I get to run around the house!

I don't know if I like the desert. It gets REALLY hot here in the summertimes. And then in the wintertimes, it can sometimes rain so much that it floods! And I'm not talking like Dusty's pen flooding. I mean, like we'll get lots of rain in a very little bit of time. And then on top if it, it gets cold at night. So cold, I have to either sleep on my Blankie or snuggle Momma. But that's only at night and in the early morning. By the afternoon, it's hot again. Not REALLY hot, but hot enough. Momma says that's what happens in the desert. I don't like it.

Momma kicked Daddy out. So now Momma is a single Dog-Parent again. But I've got Auntie Jen to bug too. That's why I have to stay outsides during the day. Momma has to go to workie and I don't get to go. Momma says that Daddy isn't coming back and at some time I will have a new Daddy. I hope he's nice and he likes me. I also hope he has a Lab too so I have someone to play with. It's really lonely here all by myself. Momma says she wishes we had Doggie Day Care. She says there's one in Plamdale, but that's like hours away. She also says there's one in Newberry Springs, but that's 30 minutes away. And Momma already has to leave REALLY early in the morning to go to workie.

Momma and Auntie Jen started cleaning out the garage this weekend. I think they brought dusty stuff inside because I have the sneezies sometimes. Or maybe it's just that I don't have a whole lot of grass in my yard and I have to sniff the dirt.

Okay, Momma says it's bath time! So I get to go try and drink all the bath waters before it gets on Momma!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Momma wants me to post this....

Momma's favorite singer had one of his doggies go to the Bridge. Apparently the little Chihuahua was attacked by a yipper. I don't know what the yipper's were doing in Georgia. I thought Dusty had all the yippers there. Momma says she sometimes sees yippers out here too. The other little Chihuahua is in the Doggie ICU. It's always sad when Doggies have to go to the Bridge, espeically when it's not their time to go. Momma says that one of Gramma's dogs accidentally killed her playmate and he had to go the Bridge. Momma also told me that she worries about me while she's at work. I don't know why. I'm in my yard now. And I don't go to Arizona, though sometimes I wanna go find Momma when she stays gone for a long time. Today she came home for lunch time and let me run around the house and sleep on the couch while she played on the computer. Now it's almost dinner time and she says she is going to go out and buy me a doggie house. She says she wants to do this before the rain comes. Yeah, it'll be fun to play in the rain and get all muddy again. I like playing in the mud.

Okay, gotta go bug Momma for dinners. I think I might need to use Charlie's clock thingie because I'm hungries and Momma is probably gonna say it's not time for dinner yet. *grrr*

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Doggie Hotel

Well, Momma took me to the Doggie Hotel while she went and visited Gramma and Grampa. She brought my blankie from my crate, a new bone, my own foods and my Moose. I love my Moose. Anyway, before I could go into the Doggie Hotel, they had to give me nose drops. I didn't like those too much. Then they didn't give me my breakfast any of the days! And Momma made sure I had both breakfast and dinner! Then on Saturday, they shave my furs so they could take blood for a blood test! Now, I have had Dr. Brenda take blood from me for a blood test and she didn't have to shave my furs. So I told Momma to find a new Doctor. I don't like this one. I did get to go play outside with the other doggies and that was fun. And on Monday before I had breakfast, they said I was going home! Momma was there! And so was Grampa! He stayed for a few days and put up fencing and cleaned up my yard all nice and pretty. Now I have a clean yard to run in. And Momma says I can't escape from it, but I'm still looking into that! And on Friday, I stayed out in the yard ALL BY MYSELF all day while Momma was out working for foods. And I didn't try and escape at all. Like I said, I'm still looking into this.