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This is my blog. It's for when Momma is away from the compooter, which seems like never. I have lots of adventures and I'll tell you about them when no hoomans are around.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big News....

First off, my berfday is coming up in like ten days. I'm gonna be five years old.

Secondly...Momma and Daddy is getting married! They gonna get married this summer and I don't get to go. *wimper* Oh well. I guess I'll be okay with that. But Momma is gonna go away again. She went bye-bye for five days last month and I missed her lots. And she says she's going to go away again at the end of May so she can get ready for the wedding. She says she's also going away in two weeks for a whole week so she can go visit Gramma. I'm not too happy about this. I might need to go chew up her suitcases so she can't go bye-bye without me.
Here's a couple pictures of me in case you forgots what I looked like.

Come Momma! Let's go to Gramma's house!

Okay, I'll drive.

Sleeping with Daddy!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I tried to runned away...

I really did. See, first off Daddy blocked off the gate outside with this wood stuff. I guess they are gonna put a new gate in and while they do that, they have to take the old gate off. So to keep me in the yards, they blocked it off. So this morning, I had to go outside and was bugging Momma, so she looked outside and saw that the gates were closed, so she let me out. I hung by her for a bit to make her feel safe and then I went over to the garage door. She followed, but by the time she got there, I was already outsides! Daddy had the big garage door open! So I went esploring! Momma followed me and then Daddy camed running up. So I runned from him. I runned all the way down the street. Then Daddy caught me and I had to go inside in my crate. I was just esploring Momma. If Daddy wouldn't have chased me, I wouldn't have runned down the street.

Oh well, I tried.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Me, the Disappearing Dog!

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately, but Momma had to go back to workie. Now, Daddy is away and I have to stay in my yard. At least, that's what Momma thinks. The other day, Momma was gone for A LONG TIME. So I gots out. I met some nice peoples and they kept bringing me back, but Momma wasn't there. And some of these peoples were stoopid. They put me in the front yard. The front yard has like a two-foot fence. I can get out of that like nothing! So I got out of the yard 4 times! And then Momma camed and found me. Then she locked me in the crate and I have to stay there. Since Daddy tied the crate together, I can't break out of that anymore.

Momma's home for the weekend though. That's nice. I gets to sleepy on the bed. And now that Daddy is gone, I gets to snuggle with the Momma! And Momma takes me for walks now! She didn't tonight, but that's because she's sickie. But that means I gets lots of attention.

Gramma came to visit in July. And she brought me my own husky! If you look at you can see the picture. Momma's sickie, like I said, so I don't wanna go posting pictures until I know they are the compooter. Mamma keeps forgeting to put them on there for me. (Too many little wires for my paws to mess with.)

That's it for now. More later.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bad Dog

I've been trying to be a good dog, but I seem to keep getting in trouble lately. See, Momma moved us and then Daddy moved in with us, so there is stuff everywhere! In boxes and bags, it's great for searching through. Well, every time I do that, I get in trouble. Usually from Daddy, but he doesn't get mad at me like Momma does. Yeah, he puts my nose in whatever I did, but his "bad girl" sounds like "good girl" to me. It's all in the way he says it. Momma's gonna talk to him, I know it. I wish she wouldn't. Then I could keep doing stuffs.

I gots out of my crate one day last week. Momma and Daddy had gone for a long time. Well, the last time they had brought foods home for me, it was in a BIG bag. The filled up my bucket of foods and then there was still some in the bag, so they were feeding me out of that. Well, when I gots out of my crate, I noticed the bag was still sitting on top of my foods bucket, so I snatched it and opened it to see if there was foods in there. No foods. Well, then Momma and Daddy came home and I gots locked back in my crate.

Since there was no foods in my bag, I figured I check out my bucket. There was lots of foods in my bucket! So I had extra breakfasts because Momma forgot to lock my foods up again! I've done this before, but this was the first time Momma had the camera. I guess Daddy told her about it. Momma tends to be forgetful, especially in the mornings when she's still sleepy. I try to wakes her up, but she just rolls over and snuggles Daddy. Oh well. She eventually gets up and feeds me, or else Daddy does. Daddy's good about that. If Momma doesn't get up, Daddy does.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

It's hot here. Like really hot. Like my feets hurt when I walk on the sand. Momma says she'll get me booties, but I won't wear them. So what have I been doing while it has been so hot outside? Sleepin'!

Here I am sleeping in the hallway. I'm trying to block Momma and Daddy in the living room.

Here I am hiding under the bed. Well, I can't quite fit under the bed, but I'm hiding anyway.

Here I am sleeping in the bathtub. I even brought my ball with me.

Here I am sleeping on the beds. I like the beds. It's comfy.

I know it's hot everywhere. How are the rest of you pups dealing with it? Well, it's not hot everywhere. I know Charlie and Opy are having winter right now, while the rest of us pups fry. Momma hasn't set up my simmin pool yet because it's SO hot! Maybe I'll convince her to set it up tonight.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pictures of my New Daddy

So here is a picture of me with my new Daddy on the beds. He doesn't like Puppy Kisses, but I'm giving him kisses here. He plays with me lots too. And he even feeds me my foods in the morning if Momma doesn't wanna get up. He has this idea that I need to be in a bedroom when they are gone. I don't mind my crate. We'll just have to see if Momma talks him out of it. I don't think he knows how much trouble I can get into in a bedroom! =)

Daddy now also has glasses like Momma. They have to wear them or they are blinds. I like it when they are blinds. Then they can't see me gets into trouble.

Oh, I've finally laid on the couch. It's not that comfy. I still like laying on the beds better. I'm so lucky that Momma lets me lay on the beds. I know most of you Puppy's parents don't let you on the beds. You should sneak up onto them. Unless of course, your parents close the door to them.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lots to Blog

Lots has been going on, EveryPuppy. First off, Momma gots me a new Daddy. He's really nice. He plays with me lots. And then, Momma moved me. That sucked. I had to stay in The Crate a whole lot while Momma and Daddy cleaned the other house. And at the new house, there's all kinds of smells. There were other puppies here and kitties. The old Momma and Daddy left puppy toys in one of the drawers, but Momma gave those back, een though I really wanted to play with them.

Our new house is BIG! I can play fetch in the bedroom! And the living room was huge too, until Momma and Daddy moved the couch in. I still haven't got up on the couch cuz I'm being a good girl. But when we gots to the new house, I runned out of foods! Well, I had enough for breakfast, but then we had to go to the Puppy Store and gets me more foods. Momma had a coupon thingie and her Puppy Card so she said that was the cheapest my foods EVER was. And then I got a cheeseyburger from Mickey Ds. But Momma says she'll never get my cheeseyburgers from them anymore. They were messy! Momma still has to find my file folder so she can tell the microchip people our new address.

Okay, EveryPuppy, I'm gonna go now. Pictures later when Momma gets her camera hooked up and her own computer hooked up too.